Did You Know in SWTOR #16 – Fate of Canderous Ordo


During Chapter 2 of the Smuggler storyline in SWTOR, you are tasked with boarding and marauding the King’s Ransom, a Treasury ship of the Sith Empire.

On your quest through the ship’s decks, you can uncover a load of artifacts across different vaults within the King’s Ransom, some of which are callbacks to characters and items from Kotor 1, Kotor 2 and the older Kotor era comics.
The most notable object that the Smuggler loots is the Skull of Canderous Ordo. The inventory item art reveals that Ordo most likely died from a blaster shot to the temple, quite the way to go for a legendary Kotor era character.

If you don’t know Canderous Ordo, he was a Mandalorian mercenary that turned to enforcer work on Taris. He would eventually come face to face with Revan before being recruited by them, which enabled Ordo to escape the bombardment of Taris by Malak. Ordo would adventure with Revan all through the events of Kotor until the defeat of Malak, where he eventually parted ways with the group and returned to his Mandalorian roots.
A few years later he would then be discovered on the moon of Dxun by the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik. By this time he had risen and become Mandalore the Preserver. As he adventured with the Exile, she would aid him in reuniting lost or rogue Mandalorians back into the fold, and in exchange, he aided the Exile in reaching Onderon and finding the lost Jedi.

Canderous‘ last known mission was taking his finest Mandalorian soldiers to protect Telos IV from the Ravager, the flagship of Darth Nihilus that had laid siege to the planet. While victorious, he would soon part ways with the Jedi Exile after the events of Malachor V.

Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords
Star Wars the Old Republic – Smuggler Storyline Chapter 2

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