How to prepare for 7.0 in Under 4 minutes!

Here are the four steps you need to get ready for 7.0!

Step 1: Story Catch Up!
Unfortunately there will be no “Skip to Legacy of the Sith” on release of 7.0 as per devtracker post by Jackie Ko. Bioware believes that the story of Ossus and Onslaught are integral to the LotS expansion and therefore you must be up to date in Onslaught (post-Dantooine Flashpoint story) in order to begin Legacy of the Sith.
If you jump to Ossus, you can expect to go from there until Dantooine in about 4-5 hours of play per character.

Step 2: Light & Dark Achievements
The tech user classes (smuggler, trooper, agent, hunter) will have free selection on their 2nd combat styles, and first choice styles for newly created characters after 7.0.

As a Jedi based character, you will only be able to unlock Sith combat class styles (Juggernaut/Marauder/Sorcerer/Assassin) for your 2nd combat style or your first choice on a new 7.0 character if you have already obtained the achievement for reaching Dark 5 alignment on a character.
Likewise, a Sith based character, will only be able to unlock Jedi combat class styles (Guardian/Sentinel/Sage/Shadow) for your 2nd combat style or your first choice on a new 7.0 character if you have already obtained the achievement for reaching Light 5 alignment on a character.

You can view your progress for Light and Dark 5 achievements by opening your Legacy Window, scrolling down the achievements list until you reach the Legacy Tab, then open the sub-tab Alignment to track your achievement progress.

Step 3: Tech Fragments
Tech Fragment drop and earn rates have been nerfed for 7.0 (level 80) characters as new currencies have been created to buy and upgrade level 80 gear with.

The best way to stock up before 7.0 is to hoard ‘Daily Groupfinder Bonus’ gear boxes that you can obtain from running basic Story-Mode raids through Groupfinder like Toborros Courtyard. However you should know that these boxes only generate loot after being opened. To save your Tech Fragments for later use, collect your box and open it, then right click to remove just 1 gear piece from the box and leave the Tech Fragments inside. You can now open the box at a later date to claim all of your Frags.
This also works for the 28-day Gold quality login calendar reward box.

Additionally: You may want to save your Onslaught quality gear to disintegrate for frags after 7.0 releases instead of before, for the additional small boost of frags.

Step 4: Login Calendar Boosts
The daily login calendar offers a fair amount of boosts and trinkets each day you log in to the game.
The big ticket items to look out for are as follows: Personal Conquest Requisition, Rampage Achievement Boost, Major/Minor Reputation Boost.

Personal Conquest Requisitions, also known as Conquest Tokens boost your personal conquest score by 50k immediately. As 7.0 will be raising the personal conquest requirement for rewards from 50k to 100k points per character, the token has also been buffed to grant 100k points.
At level 80 completing your personal (not guild) conquest goal (100k) will grant you 200 Medals of Commendation, a currency needed by all gear lanes (pvp, raids, conquest etc) to upgrade gear.

I suggest saving these tokens for a rainy day or a time where you really need 200 Medals of Commendation to upgrade or invest in near gear. Popping one on a character that hasnt reached personal conquest yet will immediately net you 200 Medals.

Rampage Achievement Boosts, starting in 7.0 there will be at least 3 new NPC kill related achievements, one for killing 500 NPCs with 2V-R8, one for killing 500 NPCs with C2-N2, and one for killing over a thousand NPCs with Fen Zeil. You may want to pop a Rampage Achievement Boost for this as all kills made during the buffs lifespan count for double.

Major/Minor Reputation Boosts, Galactic Seasons 2 in 7.0 brings a new Reputation, the Shadow Syndicate. The Shadow Syndicate’s reputation currency is tied to participating in the season, with a very low chance of naturally obtaining the necessary currency as drops from any mob in the game. (About as rare as an Emperor’s token from the Nightlife event)

Once you have traded in your Syndicate currency you will be given Reputation Trophy items in return. Pop a Reputation boost before consuming the Trophy items and you will significantly gain more Reputation points, ergo boosting you to Legend Status faster with the Shadow Syndicate.

BTW don’t forget to open all your renown caches and disintegrate/claim the rewards before 7.0 drops as they are being deleted from the game!

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May the Force be with you ❤

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