Did You Know #17 – Items being DELETED in 7.0


PSA to all SWTOR players holding onto specific items, a large variety of items are being deleted during the patch downtime for 7.0

A post by Jackie Ko on the Devtracker for SWTOR today gave us this list of items, boosts, tokens and more that will be deleted from your characters during the Legacy of the Sith game patch:


If you have any of these tactical kits, disintegrate them for frags at least the day before as to not totally lose out on their value.

Remember to use or sell all your remaining renown and social boosts, and open and CLAIM your Renown Cache items (if disintegrating them wont earn you an extra Renown level).

If you can earn a Renown Level by disintegrating 1 or 2 cache items, do that instead, then disintegrate the rest as earning a level gives you 100 tech frags compared to disintegrating 1-2 items and being given 15 tech frags.

I know this is a step aside the usual “Did You Know” posts but people should know because of how late this announcement is on the cusp of 7.0.

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May the Force be with you ❤

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