Did You Know #93 – The Smuggler & Han Solo


Did you know that each of the Smuggler’s Companions are based off of a Major character from the Original Trilogy?
The Smuggler starts their journey on Ord Mantell, a backwater planet that was actually first mentioned by Han Solo himself in the Empire Strikes Back. This planet also gives us our first companion Corso Riggs. So let’s jump into the Companion comparisons!

The Smuggler clearly is an expy of the man Han Solo himself, though as you progress the main game story your gear outfits slowly turn from Han Solo inspired pants and vests to Lando inspired capes and jackets by the time you end on Corellia.

C2-N2 is the most obvious, as he is clearly a mirror of C3-PO. However unlike 3PO, C2 has no problems handling a blaster.

Corso Riggs is a mirror of Luke Skywalker, without the force sensitivity. A local farmboy of the planet, Corso is a crack shot, believes in doing the ‘right thing’ and has never seen the greater galaxy until meeting up with the Smuggler. Just like Luke Skywalker in A New Hope.

Risha Drayen parallels our Princess Leia, both of them lacking a home and sharing in a “getting my hands dirty when I need to” attitude, albeit for different reasons. They also both share Royal bloodlines with Risha of Dubrillion and Leia of Alderaan.


Bowdaar shouldn’t surprise anyone either, being a near copy of Chewbacca himself! Both Wookiees escaping from slavery, saved by their Smuggler counterparts. Bowdaar also had a rivalry with the Great Trandoshan Hunter Karssk, mirroring Chewie’s rivalry with Bossk which both occur as unseen events in their respective medias.

Guss Tuno shares similarity with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both characters are, for different reasons, Outcast from the Jedi Order. Both of them leading lives of impersonation to survive on wasteland style planets in order to not attract attention. Though Guss is a much more comedic character.

Akaavi Spar inverses with Boba Fett on more then just Gender. Both Akaavi and Boba were once regarded as the best Mandalorian Hunters for hire by the Empire. While Boba was defeated by Han Solo thus ending their rivalry, Akaavi and the Smuggler’s brief rivalry ended in a mutual friendship on Balmorra. It should also be noted that Akaavi in the Smuggler story uses an electrostaff, the same weapon Han Solo would use accidentally to knock Boba Fett into the Sarlacc Pit in Return of the Jedi.

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