Codex Lore #45 – Feast of Prosperity Lore


The Feast of Prosperity is a new annual tradition in which the Hutt Cartel attempts to restore their tarnished reputation across the Galaxy by inviting all species across as many planets as they can to a free banquet provided and run by Gaboorga and Duuba the Hutts.

While created with good intentions, both of the Hutts themselves came from radically different beginnings.
Gaboorga has always lived a life of luxury and found himself established easily within the Hutt Cartel, unlike Duuba, Gaboorga is less interested in the charitable elements of the Feast and wishes only to invest in the ultra-rich sponsors that enable the event, wishing only to use these connections to amass influence and power.
Duuba the Hutt grew up as a Ward in the Hutt Cartel, exposing him to extreme poverty, violence and crime. Rising from his surroundings, he found himself in a position of power he enabled his fellow Hutt Cartel associates to change the culture of the Hutt Cartel to a more charitable image of good, much to the chagrin of many other Hutt Cartel members.

During the first ever Feast of Prosperity held on the Upper-Promenade of Nar Shaddaa, both Duuba and Gaboorga asked a random Individual (player character) for help in establishing the event. The individual in question would go on to meet both Duuba and Gaboorga separately as they asked favours over the course of the 3 weeks that the Feast of Prosperity was held on Nar Shaddaa.

The first favour was initially asked by Gaboorga, who insists that he has the best intentions, before the Individual was asked separately by Duuba to keep an eye on Gaboorga.
Regardless, both of them ask that the Individual travel to Rishi to set up a Feast of Prosperity, as the event was blocked by the government of Rishi. Gaboorga also privately requested that a rare Rishi Orobird be slaughtered and its contents be brought back to be served for special clients on Nar Shaddaa.
Arriving at Rishi, the Individual made connections with the Rishi peoples and was confronted by a Selonian attempting to protect the Orobirds from being hunted. Regardless of the outcome, the Individual would return to Nar Shaddaa with the Feast of Prosperity now established on Rishi.

The second favour would be asked a week later by Duuba, who requested that the Individual find a Chef that had been reported missing on Mek-Sha, Gaboorga added that while the Individual was there he wanted some “packages” dropped off for clients of the Feast. Investigating Mek-Sha, the Individual uncovered that Mercenaries had kinapped the Chef and attempted to sell them into slavery with the Brothers. Rescuing the Chef, the Individual was contacted by Duuba who explained that the “packages” were bribes sent by Gaboorga to pay off influential contributors. The Individual at this point offered to hand the money off to the less fortunate instead as a charitable act.

The fate of the Feast of Prosperity reached a head by the Third and final week. Arriving at the Banquet on Nar Shaddaa, the Individual came to a crossroads between Duuba and Gaboorga. Duuba openly claimed that Gaboorga was undermining the charity of the event for his own power, a claim which Gaboorga vehemently denied and claimed innocence over.
Both Gaboorga and Duuba asked the Individual to pick a side:
Gaboorga asked that the Individual hunt exotic creatures across the galaxy to serve to his benefactors, then sabotage the kitchen and ruin the Feast of Prosperity.
Duuba asked that the Individual hunt down 3 secretive and lost Holocrons containing galactic recipes in order to improve the quality of the Banquet, and soon after asked for help when the kitchen at the Banquet was mysteriously set on fire and the serving droids sabotaged.

It is unknown which side the Individual chose to help in the 3rd week of the Feast, however to this day Duuba and Gaboorga both continue to butt heads and the Feast of Prosperity has continued as a new tradition.


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