Did You Know #92 – Double Feast Event Dailies


There are 3 Quest Terminals active during the Feast of Prosperity Event in SWTOR. One that offers Ingredient Quests which involve travelling around the galaxy slaying mobs, a second quest terminal that offers the Events cooking and dining quests, and a third that offers all [Weekly] Quests.

However what you may not know is that while the Kitchen/Cooking daily terminal offers quests a limited number of times a day, you have 2 periods to pick up different Quests which can really speed up your [Weekly] quest progress.
The Ingredient Request terminal offers 2 quests daily, one to kill worldbosses and one to kill mobs and gather ingredients. Unlike all other event quests this specific board offers new missions twice a day!
Once at 7am until 7pm EST, and once at 7pm until 7am EST! (given American daylight savings)

As long as you pick up a mission after 7am and turn it back in before 7pm, you will be eligible to pick up a second mission at 7pm! The most important thing is that you complete the Quest before the 12 hours has elapsed, otherwise if you turn it in afterwards you may not be eligible to pick it up again after 7pm because the game assumes you picked up the quest within the ‘activity period’ of 12 hours.

Being able to do the Ingredient/Worldboss quests twice a day per 12-hour block seriously speeds up the [Weekly] progress on your characters and alts which also allows you to earn more event currency for those rewards.
Happy Hunting!

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