Did You Know #91 – Bengel Morr’s Cutscenes


Bengel Morr is the pinnacle boss that the Jedi Knight must face at the end of their journey on Tython. A character built somewhat to mirror the path that your own character takes, Bengel Morr falls to the darkside and represents both the worst of the Jedi but also their ability to cause their own failures.

When you face him in the final cutscene, you’re given 3 options, some of which are attached to a Light or Darkside choice. You may let him go in redemption, execute him, or let him go in anger.

Each of these 3 options leads to a different outcome that isn’t made known to the player. While killing him results in nothing, letting him go in redemption or anger both unlock 3 unique cutscenes that you’ll unlock as you progress through the story. You can access these messages by clicking the blue-tinted Jedi Library wall next to the Holochess table on your ship.

If you let him go in redemption: You won’t recieve your first cutscene until after Orgus Din dies, however Bengel will thank you for offering him a second chance and speak of his ongoing therapy in the Jedi Order. He will apologise and ask for forgiveness for his actions. The final cutscene unlocks just after you have recovered from the beginning of Act 3 and Lord Scourge has joined you as a companion. He tells you that the Jedi Council is not allowing anyone to know of the event, and that rumors have spread that your character has fallen to the darkside yet he does not believe it.

The final appearance of Bengel Morr if you chose his path of redemption is on Corellia, regardless if you listened to his messages he will appear briefly as a cameo and offer his support in the war effort against the Empire.


If you let him go in anger: Bengel Morr’s 3 darkside oriented cutscenes devolve into insanity slowly as you progress. While he starts off slightly unhinged, complaining of his new life in darkness, he begins to devolve into madness by the third. Leaving him confused by your actions as he has begun murdering people he regards as enemies, including decapitating a Mandalorian.

Regardless of if you picked Lightside or Darkside choices with Bengel Morr alive, at any point after Corellia you will always be able to return to your ship and replay these cutscenes as many times as you like, as they are repeatable cutscenes that do not lock out or expire after playing them.

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