Did You Know #90 – Feast of Prosperity Food Fight!


The Feast of Prosperity event takes players all across the galaxy in aid of the illustrious Feast coordinated by Duuba and Gaboorga the Hutts.
There are many dailies in this event each with their own quests, however 2 of the most straight forward dailies, the ‘Cooking‘ daily and the ‘Galactic Challenge Dish’ which is a harder, speedrun version of the ‘Cooking’ daily can earn you a secret achievement.

The achievement is fairly straight forward, upon starting any section of either quest that involves picking up a piece of food that must be ‘thrown’ onto an oven or plate using the temporary hotbar skill will work.
Once you have that temporary hotbar to throw a piece of food, jump over the counter of the restuarant and throw it at any table where customers are eating dinner by placing the AOE marker over a table.
If you manage to hit one of the patrons eating, the room should erupt in Boos of anger as aliens begin to throw food at each other and you!

Doing so will nab you the secret ‘Food Fight! achievement for the Feast of Prosperity, which is a necessary achievement to unlock the ‘Galactic Chef’ Title.

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