Did You Know #94 – Feast of Prosperity Story Titles


The Feast Of Prosperity features 2 different Story Titles based on your actions across the Story Quests you can take directly from Duuba and Gaboorga the Hutt for the first 3 weeks of any Feast of Prosperity event. Those being “the Abundant” Title from Gaboorga and “the Magnanimous” from Duuba.

However you can only earn 1 Title as the Story-Quests are a one-time mission and you have to choose a side by the final quest in the quest-chain during Week 3 of the event. Once you have completed the 3rd Story quest a Blue placard will appear next to the Hutt you chose to help during the Finale for ALL of your characters, even when the event ends or if a character never started the Feast Event. Those 2 Blue Signs remain all year round!

The fastest way to unlock both titles for all your characters is to obviously play 2 characters in the Feast Event and have one side with Gaboorga and one with Duuba. Unfortunately once a Feast Event ends if you didn’t manage to finish the Story Quest you’ll have to wait until next year until the Feast Event runs again as it is designed to only run once a year, exceptions permitted by Bioware.
Once a character has finished the story for one side, you will not be given the chance to replay the quests next-year for the opposite Hutt, so make sure if you want both titles to do it twice and pick a different Hutt on your second time!

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