Did You Know #112 – Hypergate Warzone Animations


SWTOR has many unnoticed or hidden details spread throughout the whole game, however I dare say that this is one of the most visited areas by players in the game yet barely anyone has ever said a word about the changing map area of the Ancient Hypergate Warzone.

Within the Warzone are two opposing faction bases of Yellow and Purple, each of which have a central protected spawn area with a large Gree Hypergate constructed behind the back wall, located next to the NPC Vendor and Mission Terminals.
These Hypergates are actually animated in line with the progress of the match, with 2 varying degrees of animations that play, one for the amount of Points Captured until a team can win, and the amount of Energy Orbs run by a team. As the Warzone is a PvP area and that is the focus of the match, I wouldn’t expect players to ever take the time and notice that this is a detail of the location, yet it is.

Below is a compilation of all of the different animation states of the Warzone:

Unpowered Hypergate

This is the default state the Warzone will begin with. It remains this way until your team captures a Pylon.

Powered Hypergate

After about 150 or so Points have been earned by a Team, the Hypergate will begin to flicker with lightning across it’s center.


Captured an Energy Orb

When a Team captures an Energy Orb, a white beam of light travels across the map and hits the top of the Hypergate, creating a bright light.

Hypergate Charging

Like the Powered Hypergate, upon reaching around 300 or more Points the Hypergate now has multiple arcs of lightning as well as a Portal opening in the centre. The more points that are gained the larger the Portal becomes with more and more lightning at once.

Winning the Warzone

When a team is sure of Victory and has the most points past 600, their Hypergate will transform with bright blue and green auroras, the Portal in the middle will open completely and turn purple as the lightning now sparks across the entire Hypergate.

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