Tech – Bad Batch Outfit

Includes: Full Outfit, cost saving pieces and appearance sliders.

Outfit Table

SlotTech’s OutfitColourCost Saving Pieces
HeadCodebreaker HelmetMatchGoggles: Polar Exploration or
Thermal Retention
ChestHavoc SquadNoneTatooine Trooper^
White + Medium Red Dye* (crafted)
WristTactical RangerMatchAlderaan Trooper^
HandsTactical RangerMatchAlderaan Trooper^
BeltTactical RangerMatchAlderaan Trooper^
LegsMek-Sha Pants^
(Tech Fragments Armor Vendor)
MatchTactical Ranger or
Alderaan Trooper^
FeetHavoc SquadMatchAlderaan Trooper^
WeaponInscrutable Blaster Pistol x2Blue Crystal
ExtrasMercenary or Scoundrel class
* denotes Non-Cartel Market item, + denotes Galactic Season/Limited item, ^ denotes Vendor/Legacy item

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