Did You Know #28 – Elara Dorne’s Dad


Elara Dorne is a character that is recruited early into the Trooper storyline during Taris. She reveals herself to be an Imperial defector that was born on Dromund Kaas, but did you know that Imperial Agent characters could used meet her Father, Vasil Dorne?

Imperial Agents arriving at Vaiken Spacedock would be greeted by Vasil Dorne, the father of Elara. He would speak about his current career of working in the Sith Military for decades and seems to know a good deal about the Keeper that your Agent character works with.

Before the new character creation window and advanced class picker, you used to have to wait until reaching your respective factions Fleet stations in order to choose your Advanced-Class (now called Combat Style) in a story quest. Since this chaged his appearance was removed from the game.

A very small cameo, for linking the lore between 2 different classes that is now long gone from SWTOR.

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