Codex Lore #14 – Don the Exiled Knight


Don the Exiled Knight’s journey did not start in the game itself. Infact it actually became a meme on reddit as a misnomer of a Cartel Market item advertisement on the swtor launcher.

The ‘Exiled Knight’ armor set was advertised on sale on the swtor game launcher during KOTET where the words ‘don’ meaning: to wear/equip/dress up was confused as the name of the character in the items advertisement leading many to ask, “who is Don?” and “why is he an exiled Knight?“.
The developers at Bioware seemed to find this so amusing that in patch 5.10 ‘Jedi Under Siege’ Don the Exiled Knight was added as a lore NPC on the planet Ossus.

Don the Exiled Knight is a rather rotund male Zabrak that was once a Jedi Knight, who, in his autobiography, explains in fragmented detail his adventures across the galaxy.

Don’s downfall occured during Malgus’ uprising on Ilum, where he described his actions to the Jedi Council as things that ‘had to be done‘ to ensure a Republic victory. For these actions he was exiled from the Jedi Order.
As he travelled the Galaxy, he eventually found kinship within the Revanites that lead him to the tropical world of Rishi. As he stay behind on Rishi, the Revanites fell on Yavin which once more left Don without a community until he met with Kai Zykkens ‘Corellian Run Scoundrels’…

His story becomes hazy as his next entry reveals that at some point he was captured and placed in carbonite, only to unfreeze at the end of the Zakuulan Wars. Setting his sights on redemption he travelled to Ossus where he hoped to rejoin the Jedi Order.
Unfortunately this would not be as the Jedi on Ossus remembered his past transgressions on Ilum and he was exiled a second time.

Now Don lives on Ossus as a hermit and outcast, taking wherever the wind blows him.
During this time he became a ‘holonet’ sensation with many across the galaxy wishing to locate and learn more about his escapades with many journalists and investigators attempting to find him first.

You can find Don and gain his lore and achievements in SWTOR for yourself. You can even pick him up as a Stronghold decoration to give him a home, Guide found here.

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