Did You Know #27 – Grade 11 Lockboxes


Unlike the boxes available from other Crew Skills (Slicing/Diplomacy/Investigation). Did you know that Grade 11 Treasure Hunting Lockboxes can reward you with any of the Endgame level 80 Upgrade Currencies?

The mission ‘A Very Serious Game’ takes 6minutes and 42seconds with an influence 50 companion. It costs 4,250 credits to run and if your companion critically succeeds, awards 3-5 lockboxes instead of 1.
Each of these boxes currently goes for about 500k on Star Forge, so it is great passive income if you don’t want the currencies.

I have personally seen the following currencies drop from these boxes:
Tech Fragments
Medal of Commendation
Decurion Isotope Stabilizer
Thrysian Product Accelerant
Hazardous Matter Catalyst

The caveat with the mission comes down to the fact that this lockbox does not guarantee a level 80 Upgrade Currency and may instead reward companion gifts or grade 11 crafting materials.

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