Did You Know in SWTOR #6 – Charles Boyd on Oricon


Most of you have probably heard of Charles Boyd, the Creative Director of SWTOR. But did you know that he has his own self insert into the universe of SWTOR as an Imperial NPC on Oricon?
The NPC ‘Barleos Choid’ is a play on words of his given name and even sports Boyd’s well known long hair and beard. Barleos serves as the Imperial Reputation Vendor for the Oricon Daily Area.

Boyd joined the SWTOR team in 2006 and wrote the Trooper class story, later becoming the Lead Writer for the Shadow of Revan and Knights of the Fallen Empire expansions.

After KOTFE, Charles Boyd was promoted to Creative Director where he has overseen all SWTOR story content since. He even makes frequent appearances on SWTOR developer livestreams and often features in interviews from the SWTOR Community.

You can find Charles Boyd on twitter here.

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