Codex Lore #3 – Satele Shan VS Darth Baras


Dar’Nala was a Jedi Master that heavily opposed the Treaty of Coruscant, critical of its neutrality against the Empire, she was not content and began to conspire against the agreement made between the Republic and Empire.

Shortly after the Treaty had been signed, she began to purposely bait the Republic and Empire into attacking each other which lead to the faking of her own death. During the time she was believed to have died, Dar’Nala orchestrated the bombing of the Republic Senate Tower (seen in SWTOR) which was meant to provoke the Republic into attacking the Empire.

While this stoked the embers, it did not cause fire. Dar’Nala then pressed forward in her attempts to reignite the war by coercing Jedi Fortis Gall,Trooper Harron Tavus, and mind controlling a Wookiee named Dalborra that worked for the Sith Empire.
Using them, she baited the group in to her aid, attacking Darth Baras and Darth Angral within the crystal caves of Dantooine.

Not before long, Jedi Satele Shan (who had been following Tavus) uncovered the group fighting within the caves and Dar’Nala’s plan unravelled. After a brief skirmish between Republic and Empire, Dalborra’s mind control was severed from Dar’Nala, which lead to the wookiee killing the Jedi Master.

Satele Shan made an agreement with Baras for both sides to leave the cave peacefully and not consider this act as a breach of the Treaty of Coruscant.

Source: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Threat of Peace Comic

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