Did You Know in SWTOR #7 – Cartel Security Title


If you head on over to the Republic or Imperial fleet, you can go to the Bounty Broking event location the ‘Cartel Bazaar’ by elevator. This is a wide and open hangar, and if you look upwards above the cantina, you may see a Sniper NPC hiding within the rafters!

Making your way to him will bag you the achievement ‘Greet the Overwatch’ and the Legacy Title of ‘Cartel Security’. You can do this at any time, it does not have to be during the Bounty Event.

Here is a handy-dandy tutorial by Dulfy on how to get up there lightning quick:

Once you get into the Cartel Bazaar, you can begin your first step, the sloping roof of the Cantina by going up through the cargo container with the Companion Customisation NPC, or on the opposite side by leaping ontop of the container that houses the Cartel Market Companion NPCs.

Once ontop head onto the metal wire an tightrope walk upwards towards the corner with the cargo containers suspended by cranes. Once you have reached the top you can jump from the scaffholding to the cargo containers, then onto the scaffholding above the GTN/centre of room where you should be able to see the Sniper on the far end.

Once you make it just zig and zag across the rebar until you’re right up close to him and click on him to give him a wave and earn the achievement and title.


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