Did You Know #114 – The Kinrath Spiders


The Kinrath Spider is an arachnid creature with a long single probing/spike arm similar to that of a Scorpion but at the front. It was created for KOTOR 1 two decades ago as an animal creature to appear on both Dantooine and Kashyyk. While the spider has been referenced in both SWTOR and the new Canon since its creation, it was not ever physically seen until the Bad Batch’s 6th episode of Season 2.

Diehard fans of the Clone Wars may recognise the same Kinrath from the Bad Batch had been planned many years earlier, made to appear in a Kashyyk Episode that was cut out of the Clone Wars when the show was cancelled years before Season 7.
Likewise, while the creature has never appeared in SWTOR, you can harvest a Kinrath Gland on the Dantooine Quest: “While You’re Out There”, by looting it from the rubble of a destroyed tractor.

Most notably in KOTOR, the Kinrath was present around an area known as the Shadowlands which was a dark, brooding area in the deep forests of Kashyyk in the game. Very similar to the Bad Batch episode, where the spiders appear to hide amongst the trees in deep webs, coming down to attack their enemies and entomb them in webs.

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