Codex Lore #51 – Lotek’k the Terror from Beyond


Lotek’k, better known by her name the Terror from Beyond was an ancient Gree-like creature of gargantuan proportions. While the exact age of Lotek’k is unknown, the Gree race has existed for several milennia across the galaxy, and at one time sealed Lotek’k away in the void of their Hyperspace-like pathways known as the Gree Hypergates.

Lotek’k would spend time in purgatory, until the Cold War spread across the Galaxy. Kephess the Trandoshan Warstalker, who had been brought back from the dead in exchange for servitude of the Dread Masters, followed their bidding to the ancient Gree world of Asation. It would be here that Kephess and a small contingency of the Dread Masters forces attempted to stop Heroes of the Republic and Empire (player characters) from closing the Hypergate Portals that Kephess had been reactivating in order to aid the Dread Masters in traversing the Galaxy without the need for spaceships.

After a valiant battle, Kephess was once again slain by the Heroes, only to have his body pulled in to the Hypergate Portal itself by Dread Master Calphayus, who used his powers in the force across the distance of space to unchain Lotek’k from her purgatory, setting her loose on Asation.

Partially emerging from the Hypergate, Lotek’k was able to touch down on the muddy beaches of Asastion and begin spawning her young, which were swiftly killed by the Heroes. From here the Heroes began cutting away at her lower tentacles, until an enraged Lotek’k pulled them into the upper Portal Rift of the Hypergate itself along with her.
With both sides clinging to the Pylons, Lotek’k attempted to free herself once more, spitting acid and wrapping her tentacles against the Hypergates pylons in order to pull herself out. The Heroes fought back, leaping tremendously from pylon to pylon, cutting her off and loosening her grasp, until in a weakened state, Lotek’k let go and fell back into the void of the Hypergate-purgatory once more.

The Dread forces would retreat from Asation to Darvannis & Oricon, leading the Heroes on the next step of their journey to closing in on the Dread Masters. But for now, the Gree were indebted to the Heroes of the Republic and Empire that had stopped the Terror from Beyond from escaping her prison and the Dread Masters plan in one swoop.


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