Did You Know #44 – Bounty Hunter & Calo Nord

Calo Nord was probably KOTOR’s most infamous Bounty Hunter, not only did he try to kill Revan on Taris, he survived the planet’s destruction and would hunt down Revan across several worlds before dying.
Calo was well known for his angry and short-tempered behaviour, often times he would count to 3 to give his enemies (or even just people that “annoyed” him) a chance to give up before he would attack them.

Within Nemro’s Palace on Hutta during the Bounty Hunter storyline in SWTOR you encounter an irritating Rodian Bounty Hunter called Nails. Pressing your character with insults as she approaches you, you have the option to say “I’m going to start counting”, and as she continues to insult you, your character can count up to 3, while your character continues to get angrier at the Rodian.

Upon reaching 3, your character will draw their blaster, attack, and kill Nails in combat.

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