Did You Know #45 – Rocket Boots Mount


The Rocket Boost Legacy Unlock, named “rocket boots” by SWTOR players, is a Mount that allows you to move at Mount Speed 3 while using Stealth or in a Mount Restricted Area (inside a story phase, flashpoint or spaceport) for 12 seconds. This mount has the appearance of Cad Bane’s Rocket Boots and on specific Bounty Hunter or Cartel Market armor, will activate the jetpack/backpack instead.

The Mount can be unlocked in the “OTHER” tab of the “GLOBAL UNLOCKS” catergory pictured below.

To buy the initial Mount you must pay 2 million Credits and have a Legacy Level of 8 OR pay 400 Cartel Coins.


It has two Upgrades:
The first costs 1 million Credits and requires Legacy level 10 OR pay an additional 120 Cartel Coins.
The second costs 1.5 million Credits and requres Legacy level 12 OR pay an additional 120 Cartel Coins.

These two upgrades lower the Mounts cooldown time and when all are purchased, gives you a maximum cooldown of 29 seconds

Alternatively you can buy the “Going Places” Bundle from the GTN or Cartel Market which includes both Rocket Boost and both of it’s Upgrades amongst other upgrades.

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