Did You Know #115 – Sith War Droid


The Sith War Droid mk1 first appeared in the HOPE trailer by Blur Studios prior to the games release in 2011. The Creator of the droid Alessandro Baldasseroni originally named the droid ‘Colicoid Droid’ on a post he made to his own production rendering website for Blur Studios.

The droid itself would then be featured a second time in the RETURN trailer for SWTOR and again in the game itself both as a boss, enemy NPC and also a potential companion that can be purchased for the Cartel Market Companion ‘Annihilator T4-1D’.

It wouldn’t be until 5 years after SWTOR’s release that we would see this Droid be brought in as an easter-egg/reference to the new canon, making its debut appearance as a scrapped droid model in the back of Ruen’s Workshop on the planet Lotho Minor in the official Darth Vader comic series, namely the issue: “The Misadventures of Triple-Zero and Beetee”.

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