Did You Know #116 – Free Opal Vulptilla Mounts!


The Opal Vulptilla is one of the rarest Mounts in all of SWTOR, before the PTS for 7.2.1 you had to rely on winning one from an official Content Creator’s giveaway, making the fox mount insanely rare!

However you can now EARN your own for FREE! All you have to do is install the SWTOR PTS and then complete a Warzone while playing on the PTS. You have until Friday the 17th at 5pm CT to earn the mount so that should be more then enough time, keep in mind the PTS can only be played by subscribers so make sure you have an active sub before installing!

There are several communities and creators planning to queue Warzones at Level 80 on the PTS between 1pm and 4pm CT on Friday the 17th. If you join the PTS and need a boost to get PvP matches, you can travel to Odessen and click on the slot-machine to be boosted to level 80 instantly.

How to play the PTS


If you want to play the PTS as a steam user, you need to go to SWTOR’s steam store page and scroll down to find the blue “install the PTS” button.

Swtor.com / Origin Launcher

Click the settings arrow next to your username after you log in but before clicking play. Then click the button “enable pts access”, once you click save you should now see a Yellow Arrow down the bottom LEFT side of the launcher window, you can click that to swap between the regular game and the PTS.

image credit: Vulkk

Once you have landed on the PTS, you can either create a new character or transfer a character for free from swtor.com, once you have done that all you need to do is play 1 Warzone game and when 7.2.1 releases later this year you will be mailed the Opal Vulptilla Mount for free!

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