Did You Know #74 – The Gilded Descent Casino


The Gilded Descent Casino appears near the Republic Spaceport on Corellia in the Blastfield Shipyards sector. It was most prominently featured in the vanilla-era Republic quest “Even the Odds” in which Republic faction players may help the Casino’s owner Hannak Vrish restore the Casino’s security camera system after the Sith Empire hacked them.
The Casino can safely and freely be visited at any time by Republic players on Corellia as it is not a phased location.

While the SOLO movie may have canonised the most SWTOR locations and items ever seen, from the Coronet spaceport to Rakatan Wraith Boxes in an Imperial SideQuest on Belsavis, the follow up comics to the SOLO movie was no exception.
In Issue 2 of the Han Solo: Imperial Cadet comic series, Han recounts a time that he was forced to escape the Gilded Descent Casino after being accused of cheating at a game of Sabacc, in which he was forced to escape by latching onto an alien characters Jetpack as it ascended into the sky.

The mention of the Casino is brief as it only physically appears in 3 panels of the entire comic series, however it is still yet another Legends Canon location that has been canonised within the new post-Disney EU of Star Wars.

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