Did You Know #75 – The Rare Red Sphere Mount


The Sphere series of mounts come in 2 standard colours, blue and cyan. However there is a super rare Red Sphere mount that you can earn by playing the Xenoanalyst II lairboss during the Gree Event in SWTOR.

While the Cyan and Blue sphere mounts can be purchased from the event reward vendors, the Red Sphere mount must distinctly be won as loot from the Xenanalyst II.
You cannot buy the mount from the GTN nor earn it in the open world, making the window of opportunity to try and obtain one slim as the Xenoanalyst II lairboss is only available to be played during the Gree Event. You can however trade it to others (or have them trade it to you) as long as you are still in the group of players you killed Xenoanalyst II with when it is rewarded to one of your group as loot.
Like all other rare loot drop mounts, it cannot be unlocked in collections, meaning that if you wish to have copies for your alts you must manually obtain the mount again from Xeno.

What makes the mount rare isn’t the fact it’s only available during the Gree Event, but rather its method of loot.
Not only must you kill Xenoanalyst II for a small chance that one of your group will recieve it as a reward, but it can only be done in Veteran (Hard) Mode in 8 or 16 man difficulty, however it does have a higher drop rate in Veteran 16man over 8man due to the extra 8 other players loot drop chances.
While some players claim to have obtained it in Story Mode, it would not be worth farming this way as the reduced rarity chance would be so low that it wouldn’t be worth it, instead running Veteran mode on an alt would be greatly preferable.

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