Codex Lore #38 – Jedi Master Wyellet


Jedi Master Wyellet is the Sith Warrior’s main antagonist on the planet Hoth, as Master Wyellet, and his apprentice Jedi Knight Xerender had Darth Baras’ old lightsaber in their possession. Wyellet was considered different to many of his Jedi peers, as he saught to only use the Force to preserve life, never as an aggressor, even though he was forced to prove himself in combat many times.

The last time he had the lightsaber, Darth Baras was defeated by a younger Master Wyellet and Xerender as the two attempted to redeem Darth Baras to the lightside of the force. While Darth Baras escaped, his lightsaber was taken by the Jedi Master who used it as his own.

Sometime later, the Wyellet would encounter the ‘Starweirds’.
Not much is known about the Starweird species, they are incorporeal beings that roam through space. The species appear to be long and tall, with wild hair, glowing eyes, long talons for fingers and a gaunt, skeleton like appearance. They have been known to appear aboard ships in hyperspace where they emit telepathic screams directed at those within the crew, driving them mad with fear.

The Jedi Council came under attack from the Starweird Queen prior to the Cold War. It was in this moment that with his apprentice Xerender, Master Wyellet was able to defeat the Starweird Queen in battle and save the Jedi Council as well as his apprentice. For these actions he was labeled as a Hero within his time, lauded by fellow Jedi.
However after the battle had ended, Wyellet was captured by the Sith Empire and was being transported through space until the spaceship containing him crashed into the surface of Hoth during the Space battle for Hoth.
Presumed missing or dead by the Republic and Empire, Wyellet survived by using the force to place himself in a stasis below the wreckage and ice of Hoth.

Years later during the Cold War the Sith Warrior was sent to Hoth by Darth Baras on the orders of locating his missing lightsaber, which he believed had been lost on the planet during the Space battle for Hoth that occured during the war many years before the current Cold War.
In the Sith Warrior’s investigations across the planet to locate the missing lightsaber, he was intercepted and taunted by Xerender who was also searching to find and rescue Master Wyellet.

Coming to the wreckage of the Star of Coruscant, both Xerender and the Sith Warrior located Master Wyellet around the same time. It was here that the Warrior killed Xerender before speaking with, then defeating the Jedi Master in order to reclaim the missing lightsaber of Darth Baras.


Sith Warrior Story: Hoth – Star Wars the Old Republic
Codex Entry: Master Wyellet (Warrior)
Starweirds – Ultimate Adversaries Sourcebook (Star Wars TTRPG 2004)

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