Did You Know #78 – Rokur Gepta, Dark Disciple


In Knights of the Eternal Throne, Bioware added 2 new themed armor sets to the Republic and Imperial fleet. On either fleet the ‘Dark Side Vendor’ offers a deep-cut reference armor set in exchange for Darkside Tokens, a currency available from the start of KOTET and archived on the release of Legacy of the Sith this year.

The armor set found on this vendor named ‘Dark Disciple’ is a reference to the disciple ‘Rokur Gepta’ a character born twenty thousand years before the Star Wars movies that joined and then killed all of the other members of the Darkside cult the Sorcerers of Tund, hence becoming the ‘last Sorcerer of Tund’.

What makes this a deep cut reference armor set is the fact that Rokur Gepta was created for the first novel of the ‘Lando Calrissian’ series in the 1983 novel Mindharp of Sharu, in which Lando meets and Rokur Gepta.
This makes this perhaps one of the most obscure EU character references in SWTOR that have turned into an item that players can obtain.

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