Did You Know #50 – SWTOR Easter Eggs in SOLO


The Rakatan Wraith Box was an ancient and powerful relic who’s discovery dates back as far as the Ajunta Pall era. In an Imperial questline on Belsavis during SWTOR’s Vanilla Storyline, an Imperial officer requests that your player character recover it’s missing pieces and reassemble it for him, as it had already disintegrated 3 of his researchers.

Dryden Vos collected two Rakatan Wraith Boxes and stored them within his study aboard the Luxury Yacht that is seen in the movie. Within his collection are other Old Republic era artifacts such as a pyramid shaped, white Sith Holocron and a Crystal Skull belonging to Xim the Despot from the Old Republic era also sat within this study.
The last Old Republic item in Dryden’s study is a gilded desk. The base column of the desk is carved from Obsidian that was plundered from the Tomb of Exar Kun, still retaining it’s original Sith scripture, according to the SOLO: Artbook.

However Dryden Vos’ collection is not the only SWTOR related Easter Eggs in SOLO, at the beginning of the movie Han and Qi’ra are separated at the gates of a Spaceport. This is the Coronet City Spaceport that Imperial characters use to park their ships on Corellia and leave to access the planet on in SWTOR.

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