Did You Know #51 – Tauntaun Mounts


On Hoth, players both F2P and Subscribers can buy a Tauntaun mount from a Tauntaun Trainer Vendor for very little credits. While you may find many guides on using Tauntaun Lures to grind the Domestication Data items, these days its simply cheaper on a per hour basis to buy the Domestication Data outright.

Both F2P and Subscribers can buy a Tauntaun Mount at the same vendor for 20 Domestication Data, aka 2million credits. Subscribers can also find another Tauntaun vendor nearby selling a special Subscriber only Tauntaun mount for 15 (reskin of the F2P one). Due to the fact you need Data to buy the Tauntaun and not credits directly, this means F2P/Pref players can afford one by buying Data items as they only cost 100,000 credits each.

Given the inflation and amount of money the average player can make at level 60 or higher, simply completing a Conquest while in a guild will award you with a guild flagship encryption. These days just selling that alone will net you 1.5 million+ credits on the GTN, meaning that in just completing your weekly conquest contribution you can afford to buy 1 Tauntaun.

Alternatively level 80 players can go to Onderon and farm about 10 harvesting nodes of crystals (archaeology), scrap piles (scavenging) or plants (bioanalysis). With max level gathering skills you will obtain between 150k-250k of Materials per node if sold on the GTN. Meaning that you only need to spend about 5 minutes on Onderon to afford a Tauntaun Mount.

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