Kenobi Outfit (Kenobi)

Includes Character face sliders and alternative appearance outfit pieces.

Outfit Table

SlotNameColourBudget Option
ChestRevered Master
or Exiled Master
WristSteadfast MasterMatchCovert Energy or
Empty if not needed
HandsCovert Energy GlovesMatchEmpty if not needed
BeltSteadfast MasterMatchRevered Master or
LegsRevered MasterMatchSteadfast Master
or Relnex/Sion
FeetSteadfast MasterMatchExiled Master or
WeaponBlademaster’s LightsaberBlue CrystalTempted Apprentice Lightsaber
ExtrasSee 3rd Slide for Face Customization
* denotes Non-Cartel Market item, + denotes Galactic Season/Limited item, ^ denotes Vendor/Legacy item

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