7.1 Manaan Secret Achievements Guide

Welcome to my guide on finding the Manaan Invasion Zone hidden items and Achievements. This guide will cover the Imperial Achievement: All Things in Moderation, and the Republic Achievement: Converts and Compatriots.

This Guide is broken down into Imperial and Republic Guides. This guide is for the 7.1 Invasion Zone Daily Area, NOT the Legacy of the Sith Story Area hidden Achievements.

1. All Things in Moderation – Empire Only

The first Imperial Datapad is in the Hidden Imperial Base at: X 1850, Y -910.

It is tucked away behind some crates against the wall in the lower corner of the first image above. The object is a palm sized datapad nestled between a stack of 3 barrels and a closed square Imperial crate.
The Datapad reads: “I swear if that oaf F’lay challenges me to another ‘friendly competition’, I’ll show him the real reason I’m always carrying a black hood.”

The second Imperial Datapad is in the Ancient Selkath City at: X -1199, Y -2755.

It is located within an open-top shipping container in the second image above. You can easily jump into this container from the stack of crates placed outside near the hologram table. Look for a palm sized datapad between the singular square crate and the wall of the shipping container.
The Second Datapad reads: “I’m not sure how but this Te’hahn fellow seems to have the ability to actually keep up with me in the consumption trials. How can this be? One more, surely I’ll beat him this time.”


2. Converts and Compatriots – Republic Only

The first Republic Datapad is outside at the Joint Operations Arrivals at: X 2088, Y 2825.

The datapad can be found on the ground behind the north-east most leg of the cargo shelf. It may only render in once you stand on this side of the cargo shelf for a few seconds.
The Datapad reads: “Hail our mighty Progenitor. We give our all, out entireties, our water, to you oh great one. We vow to spread the word of your toothy grace and aquatic benevolence to all, no matter the resistance or hardship that awaits us.”

The second Republic Datapad is inside the Joint Operations Base at: X 2073, Y 2925.

To locate the second Datapad, head south from the Joint Operations Arrivals and go inside the building, the immediate left-most potted plant on the wall infront of you hides the datapad within the foliage of the plant.
The Datapad reads: “I was approached today by a Selkath who had a speech about some giant old fish. It was really strange but the perks of joining their club sound really nice, might be a nice way to make friends.”

The third is a Strange Pamphlet inside the Joint Operations Base at: X 2095, Y 2942.

The find the Pamphlet, continue down the left corridor from the front entrance to the base, you should see a stack of overturned crates next to a locked door with Republic Guards. On-top of the flat box closest to the guarded door is the Strange Pamphlet that you can click on.
The Strange Pamphlet reads: This pamphlet seems to be attempting to make some very blunt appeals for a local organization calling itself a Progenitor ‘appreciation group’.

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