Game Events

The ultimate guide list to all of SWTOR’s Tips & Trivia that you can learn about every Game Event in Star Wars the Old Republic.


Bounty Hunting (BBA)

Game Tip #4 – Cartel Security Title

A simple guide on how you can quickly earn the Cartel Security Title and Achievement on the Fleet.

Trivia #41 – SWTOR’s Earliest Same-Sex Romances

How the Bounty Event added the earliest same-sex [Flirt] options to SWTOR’s vanilla game levels.

Game Tip #42 – Getting the Right Bounty

A guide on how to find the right Bounty that you need during the BBA Bounty Hunting Event.

Relics of the Gree

Trivia #18 – Hologram Jawa Bossfight

The rare Jawa enemies that you can experience during the Xenoanalyst Boss Fight in the Gree Event.

Game Tip #19 – Soloing the Gree Event Heroics

Where you can go to kill the Heroic Quest enemies super easily as a Solo Player during the Gree Event.

Game Tip #28 – Unlocking the Hidden Gree Event Pet

A fast guide on how you can unlock your own L’il Gree Pet from a hidden Quest during the Gree Event.

Game Tip #38 – The Red Sphere Mount

How to earn the incredibly rare Red Sphere Mount during the Gree Event.

Rakghoul Resurgence

Game Tip #17 – Hidden Rakghoul Event Quest

The achievements and rewards you can unlock from completing this Hidden Quest each day of the Rakghoul Event.

Trivia #17 – Green and Black Crystals

Unlocking the special Black-Core Green Kyber Crystals from the Rakghoul Event.

Trivia #26 – The Rakghoul Event Worldbosses

A guide on how you can locate and kill the three special Worldbosses that only spawn during a Rakghoul Event in game.

Trivia #35 – Midnight Rakghoul Boss

Where to find the secret Midnight Rakghoul Boss and earn the Pet reward during the Rakghoul Resurgence Event.

Game Tip #55 – Merciless Seeker Armor Set

How you can earn this Mandalorian Cartel Market armor set from a Rakghoul Event Boss in SWTOR.


Pirate Incursion & Swoop Rally

Game Tip #15 – Sorry Sarlacc! Achievement

Jump the Tatooine Sarlacc Pit during the Swoop Rally Event to earn this cool achievement.

Game Tip #25 – Swoop Event Dailies made easy

Tips and Tricks that you can use to have a much easier time completing all Bonus objectives during the Swoop Rally Quests.

Game Tip #30 – Secret Pirate Incursion Event Achievements

A simple guide on how to earn 2 secret achievements as a SOLO player during the Pirate Incursion Event.

Game Tip #34 – Swoop Rally Event Story Quests

How to unlock each of the locked official Story quests for the Swoop Rally Event in SWTOR.

Trivia #49 – Quick Vrik the Ugnaught Companion

Where you can earn the smallest companion in SWTOR, Quick Vrik, during the Pirate Incursion Event.

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife & Feast of Prosperity

Game Tip #36 – The hidden Unlucky Achievement

How to unlock the hidden Unlucky Title by exploding a slot machine during the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event.

Game Tip #45 – Feast of Prosperity Food Fight

A quick guide on how to earn the hidden Food Fight achievement during the Feast of Prosperity in SWTOR.

Game Tip #46 – Doubling Your Feast Event Dailies

How you can participate in the Feast of Prosperity’s Events twice a day and earn even more event rewards.

Game Tip #47 – Feast of Prosperity Story Titles

The Feast of Prospoerity Event and how you can earn the 2 opposing titles on your characters after completing the Storyline.

Life Day & Anniversary Events

Game Tip #52 – LifeDay Snowballing Tips

A simple guide on the best ways you can earn Life Day Parcels in SWTOR and earn the event achievements.

Game Tip #54 – Life Day Wookiee Hugging

The best ways to hug Wookiees during Life Day and earn yourself the Wookiee Hugging Champion title.

Trivia #54 – The Orange Pixel Glitch Pet

How an obscure orange pixel glitch during SWTOR’s Beta became an easter egg Pet for May the 4th in 2022.

Game Tip #56 – The Party Jawa

How to earn the Party Crasher Title and 3 achievements using the partying Jawa pet in SWTOR.

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