Did You Know #108 – Wookiee Hugging Speedrun


You may have noticed that across various planets from the Nar Shaddaa to Mek-Sha that there are a multitude of Life Day Caroling Wookiees in need of a hug. If you go up to them your temporary hotbar will even flash with a “Hug” ability, and doing so will earn you Life Day currency for Hugging 10 Wookiees as part of a hidden pop-up Quest!

As the Wookiees are only found during the Life Day holidays in SWTOR, it can become very competitive between players to hug as many Wookiees as they can before the event ends each January. Infact there are also 5 achievements and 2 titles you can earn by hugging quite a few Wookiees during the event.

Spreading Joy – Hug 10 Wookiees during Life Day.
In The Spirit – Hug 25 Wookiees during Life Day.
The Gift of Love – Hug 100 Wookiees during Life Day.
Legacy Title Reward: Wookiee Hugging Champion, Wookiee Hugging Champion – Hug 1000 Wookiees during Life Day.
Legacy Title Reward: Hug Everlasting, Hugs For All – Hug 1500 Wookiees during Life Day.

While there are many Wookiee’s spread about, many players hug Wookiees found on Nar Shaddaa as there are 13 total Wookiees. But they are very spread out and take time to travel between and hug, and once you hug a Wookiee you cant hug the same one in the same phase for a while. This makes Nar Shaddaa very slow.
However Mek-Sha has 12 Wookiees (1 less then Nar Shaddaa), but they are all lined up in a row outside of the Cantina ready for Hug Farming! Once you have hugged the last one you should be able to toggle between the PvE and PvP instance and hug another 12, by the time you have finished hugging them all again the PvE/P toggle cooldown will have finished and you can head back to the original instance to Hug again.

Reddit User Zwoop created diagrams of the best Wookiee Hugging spots on Mek-Sha and Nar Shaddaa 2 years ago that are still fully usable today and honestly doesn’t get enough recognition for this legwork. Here are their diagrams:



Nar Shaddaa:

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