Did You Know #107 – SWTORs Orange Pixel Glitch Pet


During the Beta and initial release of SWTOR in 2011, many players reported a rogue Orange Pixel that only appeared after they had launched the game. It was usually found hanging around the upper-left corner of players screens and would persist on their monitor for as long as the person was playing SWTOR. While barely noticable, once discovered it sent the Beta audience for SWTOR into a joking frenzy, with many players constantly referring to in general chat, or changing their forum signatures to mimic the orange pixel. A few players even assumed that their monitors had a dead pixel and purchased another only to discover the Orange Pixel to return when they opened SWTOR.

Reddit user u/hawkyyy has one of the ONLY documented images online still available today of the orange pixel glitch (with a helpful arrow pointer) showing the bug.

While it was patched out of most players games on the official release, the meme of the ‘orange pixel of death’ soon faded from the games community.
That would be until in 2022 when SWTOR released the P1-XL Pet as a part of the games May the 4th Celebration. This pet was a clear reference to the glitch that existed over ten years ago in Beta SWTOR.


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