Did You Know #37 – Gree Event PvE Made Easy


If you’re like me, unless you’re digging into groupfinder you probably don’t group up often for Open World quests. However one thing I learned last Gree Event is that the enemies in the PvP zone are far easier to kill, solo, without the need for a group.

“But its PvP, I don’t want other players to farm me!”
That’s the neat part, they can’t! Due to SWTOR’s PvE and PvP Instance splitting, you are free to roam the PvP area in a PvE Instance without any fear of being attacked by enemy players.

“Whats the difference in map areas?”
Surprisingly a big difference, the PvP zone not only has easier quest NPCs like the Commlink Droid, but the other mobs too. Most have a HP reduction in the PvP zone of 1/2 or more.
The hardest NPC in the entire Gree Event, the [HEROIC] Quest’s Pylon Guardian, has 212k HP in the North event area, instead has 70k HP in the South PvP Zone, making it easy and fast to kill solo with only 1/3rd of its total HP.

“But now there’s shared mob tagging who cares, I get my progress if I shoot someone elses Pylon Guard!”
Yes, this is also correct, however some players may play on servers at 3am when the Event zone is empty in population, these players can safely travel down into the PvP zone and farm out the HEROIC Quest without missing out before the event ends.

As an Australian myself I mostly play during ‘dead’ hours of the game and can find it difficult during events to group up with others for content that require being social. I hope this little tip helps solo or ‘off hours’ oriented players participate in the Gree Event without missing out.

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