Codex Lore #19 – The Ancient Gree Hypergates


The cephalopodic species known as the Gree are amongst some of the most ancient species in all of Star Wars, their time even predates the Rakatan Infinite Empire and parallels the elusive Iokathi.

The Gree are now a remnant of their once galaxy-spanning empire, most of their race instead preferring to hide away in the Gree Enclave, the isolationist home system of their species. However many of their race still prefer to explore the galaxy and instill both their superior craftsmanship and technology across many worlds, such as Asation and Ilum.

While many believe that their “TRON-esque” weaponry, armor, battledroids and ancient starship, the Grey Secant to represent the forefront of their technological prowess. Their real technological pinnacle lies in the ancient Gree Hypergates.
The Hypergates are nearly as old as the Gree themselves, and have been powered by energy pylons across a dozen worlds for just as long. These giant machines are capable of creating contained hyperspace wormholes on the surfaces of planets, allowing anyone to walk through a Hypergate and emerge instantly on another Hypergate on the other side, whether that be a planet away, or the farthest corners of the galaxy.

A “Grand Hypergate” used by the Gree as a gateway to the greater galaxy came under fire from Warlord Kephess and the Dread Masters some time after the Battle of Ilum in SWTOR. The planet Asation and thereby the Gree came under fire, Republic and Imperial players are able to aid the Gree Enclave in saving the world in the Operation: Terror From Beyond, where you must use the Hypergate itself to stop Warlord Kephess from unleashing Eldritch abominations upon the galaxy on behalf of the Dread Masters.

Planet Asation – Terror From Beyond Operation
Gree Event Introduction Cutscene – Star Wars the Old Republic
Gree – Codex Entry
Gree Computer – Codex Entry
Gree Hypergates – Codex Entry
Gray Secant – Codex Entry 

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