Did You Know #36 – Hologram Jawa Bossfight!


While we don’t yet hava a Jawa themed raid in SWTOR (please Bioware!), Jawas themselves do cameo in the Xenoanalyst II Operation during the Gree Event.

When fighting the Xenoanalyst on Story or Veteran difficulty, there will be certain periods of the fight where the boss shields himself and you must kill waves of spawning enemies. Sometimes they can be Akk Dogs or Rancors, however there is a rare chance that you’ll be given an army of Jawas to go up against instead!

Video by AlphaStrikeForce is the only known recording of Holographic Jawa spawns in SWTOR.

Why there are Jawas on Ilum, no one knows. Perhaps the Gree had abducted Jawas and placed them on Ilum for testing, or maybe a bored dev snuck them in as a surprise. Either way it’s a cute cameo for sure!

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