Codex Lore #18 – Lord Scourge the Betrayer


If it weren’t for Lord Scourge, the game of SWTOR may not exist.

Lord Scourge is one of your final companions that you meet within the game within the final act of the Jedi Knight storyline, we learn from this that he was granted Immortality from the Sith Emperor for stopping Revan and the Jedi Exile from certainly assassinating him hundreds of years ago.

Within the events of the official Revan novel, Lord Scourge came to meet the Jedi Exile and Revan on Nathema, where the three travelled with T3-M4 to Dromund Kaas where they would attempt to overthrow Vitiate as a unified team. However in the heat of battle, Lord Scourge saw thousands of future realities but only one (Doctor Strange?) where the Sith Emperor was defeated at the hands of a different Jedi Knight.

In this moment Lord Scourge arose behind Meetra Surik, who alongside Revan were moments away from total victory, and stabbed her through the center of her back, killing her. This distraction took Revan‘s gaze away from the Emperor, which allowed him to overpower Revan and claim victory.
Lying through his teeth infront of his Emperor, Lord Scourge vouched for his innocence and was gifted Immortality through the force by the Emperor himself as thanks for foiling his demise.

Scourge wrestled with his force vision and the outcome of this event for centuries until he came face-to-face with a possessed Hero of Tython during Act 3 aboard the Emperor’s Fortress.
Aiding the Jedi Knight in escaping, he realised that this was the Jedi of his visions all those centuries ago, and that they would be the one to defeat the Emperor on Dromund Kaas.

As the Knight defeated the body of Vitiate on Dromund Kaas, Lord Scourge’s own force-gifted immortality faded, leaving him mortal. However such a personal force bond to the Emperor made him realise that he was not truly defeated, and years later through the Zakuulan invasion, motivated Scourge to uncover the remaining vestiges of Tenebrae, Valkorion and Vitiate across the galaxy alongside Kira Carsen.

A move that would ultimately culminate during the Echoes of Oblivion chapter in SWTOR.

The Old Republic: Revan – Novel by Drew Karpyshyn
All of the Jedi Knight Origin Story Act 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia 

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