Did You Know #35 – Instantly Level a Comp to 50!


The Commander’s Compendium is a super useful utility item in SWTOR that can boost ANY companion to Level 50 Influence instantly (including temporary KOTFE characters such as Marr or Acina).

You can obtain the Commanders Compendium two different ways:

  1. Buy a Pack-of-Three from the Cartel Market
  2. Buy an individual one from an NPC on Republic/Imperial Fleet.

The NPC V1C-0RY is a security droid that you can find on both the Republic and Imperial fleets, specifically in the “Strongholds and Crew Skills” section, standing alongside the Guild Flagship Terminal and Guild Registry NPC.
V1C-0RY sells a wide variety of “conquest” themed decorations and wedged amongst them is a single use Commander’s Compendium. You can buy one for 4,250,000 credits and 3 Dark Project MK-1s.

If you have been completing the Galactic Season objective: [WEEKLY] Forging Darkness you will be obtaining at least 5 Dark Projects each week you complete the Seasonal objective. This gives you a surplus you can put to good use boosting companions if you don’t have any other reason to spend them.

Combo Tip

Given the current inflation rates in SWTOR, while you can buy 4-5 million credits worth of companion gifts, it may take you up to 45 straight minutes with legacy boosts to consume them all to reach level 50 on a single companion, in that time you could complete your Guild 100k Conquest goal and sell the Encryption you receive each week to cover the cost of the Dark Projects instead of buying them from the GTN.

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