Did You Know #97 – Quick Vrik the Ugnaught Companion


Quick Vrik is a Companion usable by anyone level 10 and above! To recruit the Ugnaught into your companions roster, you need to make your way to the Dantooine Pirate Incursion event and unlock him by purchasing the purple-quality Contract item called “Fastest Hydrospanner in the Western Reaches”.

Not only is he a Ranged Blaster-Pistol wielding Companion, he is currently the only companion in SWTOR that is obtainable through the “regular” events rotation. This makes him one of the easiest non Class Story Companions to obtain.
The Ugnaught loves Technology companion gifts the most with Trophy and Maintenance gifts coming in close second, meaning you can easily level him up by purchasing gifts through the Cartel Bazaar.
Quick Vrik is also the smallest companion in SWTOR being shorter then both Blizz the Jawa and T7-01.

A former member of the Nova Blade pirates, Quick Vrik gained his nickname from his fast repairs of crucial starship parts (and even faster trigger finger in combat).
But after being betrayed and left for dead by his supposed “brothers” during their assault on the planet Dantooine, Vrik has sworn revenge against his former comrades.
Now, Vrik donates his skills to anyone who offers a chance at fighting the Nova Blades.
Quick Vrik’s Companion Story Blurb

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