Codex Lore #46 – The Creators of Iokath


Not much is known about the Iokath Species, or Iokathi as they have been called. Perhaps one of the oldest civilisations in the Galaxy, not even their original homeworld is known in Galactic History. However, the earliest records found on Iokath during its rediscovery account that the Iokathi were lead by a ruling body known as the Master Designers Council.

This very council gave evidence that the Iokathi were a technocratic species that valued sciences and engineering over others. This ruling body ordered the construction of a mega-structure they would call Iokath, a machine world that would completely engulf a Sun in order to harness its complete energy output through solar and other means. Inherently aiming to create an undetectable and closed off world to the rest of the galaxy that was completely self sufficient.
Here the scientists and engineers of Iokath would go on to create such tools of mass destruction such as the Iokath Gods, of which they would send to nearby planets and order the extermination of Trillions for ‘testing’. They would also found and create the Eternal Fleet and control droids such as GEMINI and SCORPIO which could all be controlled remotely via Eternal Thrones implanted on Iokath.

Unfortunately, around 3350 years before the Treaty of Coruscant, Iokath fell into a state of Civil War which was sparked by the purposeful sabotage of a pneumatic tram station that killed thousands and destroyed a city. The species began a devastating internal conflict that would continue for Centuries, which would ultimately spark the beginning of their own extinction.

We only know the names of Four total Iokathi:
Yuv Kal Zaer – A lead design analyst
Ise Pev Trin – A lead design analyst
Udo Lin Xoir – A lead analyst
Vel Jyc Boer – One of the Master Designers Council

Unwilling to allow their creations to be destroyed along with their race, a small group of Iokath’s top scientists and engineers jettisoned many of their creations out aimlessly into space, with their memory cores locked in order to prevent them from returning to Iokath. In this time one of the Eternal Thrones capable of controlling the Eternal Fleets and other Iokath technology somehow made it’s way to Zakuul, and into the hands of Valkorion, and later Arcann.

With Iokath engulfed in flames, the Six Iokath Gods turned against the Iokathi and drove them until extinction. A lone surviving Iokath droid known as ARIES would survive. Self-aware of the actions that had transpired, ARIES would seize control of the entire planet. From his new position of authority, he would begin the several milennia long effort of rebuilding Iokath in his image, one of complete isolationism and hostility to all outside influences.

Below is a collection of logs written by the Iokathi before their destruction:

TEST REPORT 089375.24

Deployment of new designs on test environment JX967A24 were within acceptable parameters. Our three initial dropship waves suffered heavy losses before planetfall. Test subject resistance was unexpectedly heavy, conflicting with prior scout reports indicating minimal military forces. The subjects deployed single-pilot aerial countermeasures to intercept us, but that self-sacrifice appears to be the full extent of their response.

Total time to planetwide surrender was 28 standard hours. Our master designer should be honored for this significant improvement over the last three test environments. Survivors received our standard compensation package, but damage to their civilization’s infrastructure is extensive. Analysts estimate it will be at least 2,000 years before we can test this world again. Our scouts are already searching nearby systems for fresh prospects.

– Lead Design Analyst Yuv Kal Zaer
Codex Entry: History of Iokath: Entry 1
TEST REPORT 195821.78

Per the master designer’s request, our analysts have compiled a detailed study to explain the total failure on test environment Z17AX558. The details of their findings are available in a separate report, but in summary: the test environment’s proximity to its star, coupled with previously-undetected trace chemicals in the upper atmosphere, reacted negatively to our new particle beams. The resulting electrochemical chain reaction ignited the entire biome, destroying the test subjects and our deployed designs within moments of activation.

While this can only be considered an unmitigated disaster from a return-on-investment perspective, we will make the most of our losses. The master designer’s teams will recalibrate their particle beams to a lower-yield setting. Should we locate another planet like this, we can re-test our creation and hope for more satisfactory results.

– Lead Design Analyst Ise Pev Trin
Codex Entry: History of Iokath: Entry 2
TEST REPORT 249216.39

It is my extraordinary honor to report that the test on environment WL428T73 succeeded beyond all projections. Every design element performed with minimal deviations from their expected functions. Millennia of internal research and development have finally produced a fully-integrated and optimized planetary assault platform suitable to any environment or resistance pattern. On a personal note, it has been my sincere pleasure to work with the greatest master designer in our long history.

I must add one small addendum to this report for the sake of completeness. Analysts examining the test environment have discovered a vast underground vault constructed by the now-extinct natives. With no surviving test subjects to explain its function, we can only theorize why the structure was filled with cultural artifacts of little practical value. We will leave the vault to be discovered by whatever life emerges on the test environment in future epochs. Perhaps they will be able to explain their predecessors when we return to test them.

– Lead Analyst Udo Lin Xoir
Codex Entry: History of Iokath: Entry 3

Greetings to all analysts, engineers, designers, and builders! It is with great pride that we mark this day as the official start of our civilization’s greatest effort. Construction has commenced on Project Iokath. Where we once remade other worlds, we now devote ourselves to creating one. Our ambition is simple: fabricate an expandable and adaptable home for our people that is secure against any outside force. At long last, our culture will achieve the immortality it deserves.

We will call this new world Iokath, and our great-grandchildren will know it as their birthright.
Codex Entry: History of Iokath: Entry 4

Today was another painful reminder of how meaningless the role of master designer has become. My days are wasted in endless planning meetings to direct the construction of new biomes for Iokath’s endlessly-breeding populace. I only feel alive in my spare hours, when I revisit the great designs of ages past and vainly attempt to improve them.

The analysts who witnessed my gallery cooed and tutted, deeming it “exceptional” and “a celebration of the thinking that made us great.” What blind sycophancy. All I offered them were ornamental improvements. What difference does it make if SCORPIO looks like a floating cube, a ball of programmatic light, or a walking biped crafted in the image of a long-dead alien species?

We have fallen so far from our glory days. We no longer bother to deploy our designs on test environments and instead rely on simulations to predict the outcomes. Foolishness. Only the chaos of an unpredictable environment and its unique subjects can teach us anything.

I wonder what would happen if I deployed our designs on Iokath? Would I reveal something new?

– Master Designer Vel Jyc Boer
Codex Entry: History of Iokath: Entry 5


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