Did You Know #71 – The Unlucky Secret Achievement


Not to be confused with the ‘Unlucky’ character title that can be earned by dying to the Corellia Worldboss, there is a secret Achievement and Legacy Title that you can only earn during a Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event in SWTOR.

The Achievement ‘Quality Assurance’ will unlock the moment you successfully explode a Smuggler’s Luck or Kingpin’s Slot Machine, however if going for the achievement I suggest doing so on Smuggler’s Luck as the cost of chips is the lowest.
Earning the achievement will grant you the Legacy Title: The Unlucky to display on your characters unlike the other Unlucky title that must be earned manually on each character from the Worldboss on Corellia.

This is the rarest Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event related achievement, with Dulfy estimating a 2% chance each spin to randomly explode the machine. This makes it far rarer then spinning a “Jackpot Prize”, so it may take quite some time and a few thousand chips to unlock.

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One thought on “Did You Know #71 – The Unlucky Secret Achievement

  1. If the probability lies at exactly 2%, then the probability to obtain the achievement is 50% after 35 tries and 98.25% after 200 attempts, so usually it shouldn’t require too much rolling.


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