Did You Know #109 – Merciless Seeker Armor


The Eyeless is the Operations Lairboss of the Rakghoul Event, available to take on in both 8-man and 16-man groups in STORY and Veteran/Hardmode Difficulty. The boss is fairly straightforward and only really requires the use of an active Rakghoul Vaccine to participate in effectively.

Unlike other lair bosses, the Eyeless has multiple unique items that can be earned from defeating it in both STORY and Veteran/Hardmode, with some rewards dropping double in 16-man over 8-man mode.
Above all, the rarest drop from the Eyeless is the Merciless Seeker Armor Set, an Armor Set directly sold on the Cartel Market that you can attempt to obtain from this boss for free if you are lucky enough! It was added as a drop to the boss in game update 5.9.3a in 2018.

There are also a multitude of other rewards you can earn from the Eyeless, such as:

Title: Unseen Assailant – you earn this title as a reward on each character that successfully kills the Eyeless in any difficulty or group size.

Barnacle of the Eyeless – a rare item that can be given to Dr Lokin’s KOTFE Recruitment mission to earn a secret achievement. It sometimes drops double in 16-man mode and can also be spent on the Jawa vendor Jeelvic for rare Rakghoul Event items.

Symbiote Rakling – a baby blue/red Rakghoul Pet that drops more commonly in Veteran/Hardmode but can sometimes drop in STORY.

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