Did You Know #104: Lifeday Snowballing Tips


During Life Day in SWTOR there are many special prizes that can only be earned throughout December and early January. It can be a struggle to farm enough Parcels and buy everything you want before the event ends.

One method that is rarely used for farming anymore are finding and Snowballing the Gift Droids and Overheated Droids across the Galaxy.
You see, when you Snowball another player, you have a small chance to recieve a Snow Covered Parcel.
Unfortunately when you throw a Snowball at a player, whether you get a Parcel or not the player is effected with a “recently snowballed” debuff that lasts for a few minutes. During this time anyone that tries to snowball the player again cannot recieve a Parcel gift from that player until the Buff wears off.
Now you can alternate using the Snowball ability and the Cartel Market Snowball Cannon if you like, as they are 2 separate items that give 2 different debuffs, but not everyone can afford or wants to buy the Snowball Cannon.

However by locating a Gift Droid roaming around Coruscant, Dromund Kaas or Nar Shaddaa’s cities, you can throw as many as you can at a single Gift Droid. The only time you can’t recieve a Parcel is if the droid dies.
The difference between a regular Gift Droid and an Overheated one (except for the name) is that an Overheated Droid can also reward you with a choice of several Stronghold Decorations when you hit them with a Snowball!


There is also a slew of Achievements that reward you with Legacy wide Titles for throwing Snowballs, one of which can only be earned by farming an Overheated Gift Droid!
Those being:

Jolly Parcel Peddler: Earned 1 Parcel by using Snowballs. Reward Title: Life Day Celebrant.
To All A Good Night!: Earned 100 Parcels by using Snowballs. Reward Title: A Special Snowflake.
The Celebration Continues: Earned 200 Parcels by using Snowballs. Reward Title: Cheer Delivery Expert.

There is also an achievement called Holiday Hero, it can only be earned by earning Decoration Rewards by snowballing an Overheated Gift Droid!

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