Did You Know #105 – Azalie Romance SWTOR


Azalie is the daughter of a powerful Corellian Corporation owner that you briefly meet while searching for Bowdaar on Nar Shaddaa during the main Storyline for the Smuggler. While you can [Flirt] with her in the first cutscene she is introduced, during the Story Quest ‘Eco Terrorists’, you can also unlock several more hidden cutscenes as a Male Smuggler with her later!

Azalie returns as an area NPC during the Story Quest ‘Research’ where you face off with and kill Zank Helrott. After you have killed him you can find Azalie as an NPC amongst the crowd nearby. While she has no questmarker or dialogue icon, if you run up to her and right click her you will get a fully rendered cutscene where you can catch up, flirt, and romance her.

While the romance is brief, you continue to go around Nar Shaddaa until your Main Storyline completes and it is time to leave, however upon arriving at the Spaceport, Azalie will appear outside your ship, having stalked you to get to your hangar. She will confess that she wants to leave Nar Shaddaa with you, however, the only two dialogue choices are to break up with her, or lie to her and tell her to wait back at her room for you to bring her a Gift. Either way she does not appear again.

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