Did You Know #43 – Hallowed Gothic Armor


The Hallowed Gothic Armor is a Power Rangers inspired, uncommon Armor Set avaiable on Oricon. To equip the armor set you must first have reached Champion Standing with Oricon Daily Area Reputation. Then you can head to the Reputation vendor at your faction’s base to obtain 6/7 pieces instantly.

The last, and rarest piece is the Hallowed Gothic Headgear, this headgear drops only from two NPC’s found on the planet.

Both of them can be found here:

The spawn location of both NPC’s on Oricon is the highlighted green square. The north-western entrance corner of the tower in the center of the map.

Map Coordinate: X -320, Y -100

The NPC’s can be found either on the stone bridge surrounded by lava on both sides, or on either side of the bridge near the edge of the lava.


The Boss that drops the Hallowed Gothic Headgear is named the ‘Harbinger of Fear‘, he is seen wearing the Hallowed Gothic armor. He is very rare, as his spawn rate is somewhere around 1 / 100 chance.

If he is not spawned, look for the ‘Acolyte of Fear’ on this same bridge, this is his apprentice and they must be killed for the Harbinger of Fear to spawn. The ‘Acolyte of Fear’ can also be looted for the Hallowed Gothic Headgear but it is uncommon and not guaranteed to drop.

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