Did You Know #42 – Undead Doom Droid


Arlaia Zayzen is the first boss you fight in the first round of the Eternal Championship on Zakuul under the ‘Mysterious Stranger’ title.

During Round One Arlaia Zayzen summons both a medical droid and a stimulant droid as she fights you. After you seemingly kill her to progress to Round Two, her body was taken by Zakuulan workers of the Arena Grand.
As you complete more Rounds in the Eternal Championship, in the background, her dying body was connected to a recovered Hutt Cartel Isotope-5 Droid. This Droid had been augmented to be powered by an implanted Humand mind instead of the Droids own brain and was given the name Doom Droid.

The Doom Droid, now being piloted by the uploaded mind of Arlaia Zayzen, returned in Round Nine of the Eternal Championship to kill the Outlander, only to be defeated once again.

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