How to Fix Missing or Wrong Raid Weeklies

If you’ve noticed since Legacy of the Sith dropped, sometimes the Weekly Quests available at the Operations Terminal on Fleet don’t always change after weekly reset happens.
Here is how to fix it in 2 different ways!

Solution 1: Oricon

First off, travel to Oricon and head to the Dread Fortress Bridge (Far East) on the map, you can either quick travel or taxi there. There should be an Operations Quest Terminal there that let’s you pick up the correct [WEEKLY] quests. If it doesn’t fix it for you, look below at Solution 2.

Solution 2: Yavin IV

Once you arrive on Yavin IV, head to the Temple of Sacrifice raid entry (Temple Ruins – Far West), you can either quick travel or taxi there (furthest point from spawn). Once you arrive locate the Operations Quest Terminal near the Taxi and pick up both the Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice quests.

Open your mission log and abandon both quests you just picked up, then travel back to the Fleet.

Problem Solved!

When you arrive on fleet, head back to the Operations Quest Terminal and you should now have the correct [WEEKLY] quests to pick up.

If it still hasn’t updated/fixed for you, log out of the character and back in.
Head to Yavin IV and only pick up the Temple of Sacrifice quest, then abandon it and return to fleet to try again.

Other potential fixes:
If that doesn’t work try logout/in and abandoning the Ravagers quest.
If that doesn’t work try picking up and abandoning the Ravagers quest on Rishi undercity.
If that doesn’t work try picking up and abandoning the single lairboss quests on the Raid flagship of your Fleet.
If that doesn’t work then you may have to wait until Friday and hopefully the regular quest terminal rolls over for you.

Thanks to scootftw on Discord for figuring out this solution.

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