Codex Lore #21 – Matriach Kolovish


Matriach Kolovish is a historical figure in Twi’lek history, who worked tirelessly to find a new home for her displaced peoples when Ryloth was deemed uninhabitable. However the road to rebuilding was not paved with good intentions.

As soon as the Jedi under Satele Shan’s leadership had arrived on their secret homeworld of Tython, it was not long before Twi’lek Settlers arrived and landed on the ‘hidden’ home of the Jedi. This lead to some turbulence between Twi’lek villagers and the Jedi for some time before the two settled in peace, with the Jedi disparaged by the Twi’lek’s being allowed settlement on their sacred world. Matriach Kolovish however reconciled groups by assuring them that it was destiny that brought them here.

Jedi would often make pilgrimage to the Kalikori Village, and complete a Twi’lek ritual known as ‘the Thousand Steps’. A quest that involved trekking through the mountains up to a tower that housed a retired Matriach Kolovish. A tower that would look all over to the valley below, peering down upon both the close by Kalikori Village and the distant Jedi Temple grounds.
This pilgrimage by Jedi was often considered part of their trials of initiation, meaning that the guiding word of Matriach Kolovish had ramifications for Jedi padawans progress and succession.

This is where the innocence ended with the Twi’leks real purpose on Tython, as it was later revealed years later when an Imperial Agent (player character) raided the Star Chamber, the operating headquaters of a millennia old Secret Society known as the Star Cabal.

The Star Cabal was an organisation that integrated itself into all facets of the galaxy; Jedi, Sith, Republic, Empire, Crime Syndicates, Corporations and all, with their aim being the total eradication of the Jedi and Sith permanently, leaving the galaxy to only what they deemed ‘ordinary beings’.
When the Imperial Agent raided the Star Chamber, they interrupted a holo-conference, with one of the leaders chairs belonging to none other then the Matriach of the Twi’leks on Tython, Kolovish.

So did destiny really guide the Twi’leks to Tython, or did Matriach Kolovish plan it all in order to weave herself into the Jedi Order to enact the Star Cabal’s ultimate end goal?

Star Wars the Old Republic:

The Thousand Steps, Tython Planet Quest
The Star Chamber, Imperial Agent Storyline Act 3
Twi’lek Pilgrims Codex Entry

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