10th Anniversary Reforged Weapons Breakdown

Should you buy the new Reforged Weapon Set bundle on the Cartel Market? 6 weapons for 2800 Cartel Coins seems like a great deal, but all of them are ‘reforges’ of existing weapons.
So which one will you get, the original or the reforge?

The weapons bundle includes the following: Derelict Lightsaber & Dualsaber, AD-1 Assault Cannon, Black Nebula Heavy Blaster Pistol, Imperial E-1 Enforcer Blaster Rifle, Primordial Sniper Rifle.

Derelict Lightsaber

Starting our list off is the Derelict Lightsaber.
The Reforged edition‘s hilt is better compared to the comically oversized original. While the original has a more vibrant reflection on your character, the Reforged edition has a newer sound font that is both louder and stronger in quality and tone. The graphics of the hilt have also been greatly improved on the Reforged Edition so it looks much better in cutscenes.

Recommendation: Reforged Edition – Greater textures and sound font make it superior to the original.

Derelict Dualsaber

There are very few differences between the original and the Reforged edition. Firstly, like the Saber, the Reforged edition‘s hilt has overall higher quality, better textures and the ringed section your character grips has been made shinier then the original. Sound font appears to be the same on both.

Recommendation: Reforged Edition – Resized fits better in your characters grip and looks more realistic.

AD-1 Assault Cannon

There is no true comparison between the Reforged edition and the original simply because there is no original AD-1 Assault Cannon, instead the closest Cartel Market weapon is the Hyperstorm Heavy Assault Cannon.
Both Assault Cannons feature the same sound font however the Reforged edition is louder and has shinier metallic graphics. The most noticible difference is that the original cannon featured blue energy and stripes around the barrel, whereas the Reforged edition removed the energy and has lights along the body of the cannon instead.

Recommendation: Split – While the new weapon has better graphics and sound the blue energy on the original is so classic.

Black Nebula Heavy Blaster Pistol

The first weapon with more noticible changes. The Black Nebula Heavy Blaster Pistol has had both its graphics updated and changed noticeably, the original sports a cool silver with yellow trim, the Reforged Edition has been split evenly between olive and gold with a much more refined and higher quality texture set across the weapon and the holographic display.
Secondly, the pistol has had it’s sound font changed dramatically, the original used a default Assault Cannon sound effect, the Reforged Edition now uses a classic blaster pistol sound font.

Recommendation: Reforged Edition – The silver will always be my preferable colour however this weapon has stuck out like a sore thumb in cutscenes for years, the improved graphics of the Reforged edition and it’s sound font are upgrades in my opinion.

Imperial E-1 Enforcer Blaster Rifle

The second weapon with the most noticeable changes. The Imperial E-1 Enforcer Blaster Rifle has changed tremendously graphically and sound wise.
The original sports the sound font of actual stormtrooper blaster rifles from the movies, the Reforged edition was given a standard blaster rifle sound.
Secondly, The original features a dark metal design, with white painted racing stripes as well as a second stripe set (orange pictured above) and an exposed light that change to match the colour of the crystal you put in the gun. The Reforged edition stripped off the racing stripe paint and improved the graphics overall, the exposed light still matches the colour of the crystal you have put in the gun!

Recommendation: Original – I like everything about the Reforged edition over the original, however losing the stormtrooper sound effects trumps everything.

Primordial Sniper Rifle

Finally, we have the Primordial Sniper Rifle. The red wood of the original has been toned down in favor of an aged brown for the Reforged edition The scope, rifle bolt and greebles on the Reforged edition have also been changed into a nice brass. The final change made is that the original lost its Slave-II blaster font and has been replaced by a SWTOR blaster font instead on the Reforged edition.

Recommendation: Reforged Edition – The sound font change when in combat is not that noticable as you shouldnt be using basic attack that much. The Reforged edition has a way nicer look in cutscenes.

Final Verdict

Honestly speaking you should go for the Reforged Edition Bundle if you even remotely want to obtain 2 of the weapons. The bundle is great value for 6 weapons and the GTN price difference between the Originals and the Reforged Editions is not that far apart.
Buying 3 of the original weapons from the Cartel Market will run you up the cost of the entire bundle.

I preferred 4/6 Reforged Weapons, 1/6 Original and 1/6 Split.

My singular critique is that the E-1 Rifle lost it’s Stormtrooper Blaster sound effects, if it hadn’t then I would have loved that gun so much more. 😦
The only weapon out of the lot that I have yet to replace is the E-1 as you could probably guess, the rest have all been gladly replaced by their newer counterparts.

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